Wednesday, 1 October 2008


I forgot to say something else about the train down to Margate the other day. There were also some very loud people on there talking about films. One woman declared that her favourite film is Bee Movie. I've never met that woman before, I don't even know her name, but I hate her guts and think she should be imprisoned. After about five minutes of debating film one of the men said how much they loved the film Chinatown. I was very impressed with his choice because I'm a big fan too. He then went on to say that Jackie Chan was "wicked" in it. The thick, thick, THICK cunt. God, I fucking hate him and so do you.

Last night I put some time aside to watch The Mysterious Planet which is the first story in the Doctor Who serial The Trial of a Time Lord. It was fucking awful and I was furious throughout the entire thing and strangely enjoyed the experience. I've long come to the conclusion that Doctor Who is my football. I support it loyally and it routinely lets me down but I keep paying good money for more. I can't stand football, mainly down to the violent nature of the fans but if you saw me screaming my head off at a TV (while alone) because EVERY single fucking cliffhanger has someone saying "Doctor, you will be sentenced to death", its a tad scarier than a Millwall riot and certainly more pathetic. I don't know why they keep saying it, just fucking kill him. It's only Colin Baker. Kill him. Kill him now before he meets Melanie Bush.

I'm off for a few days so blogs might be a bit scarce. Not much to write about anyway. I'll be in America. What's going to annoy me there?

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