Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Last Resort.

To be very fair, what IS funny about phoning a 78 year old man to laugh about the many ways you fucked his grandaughter? I don't want to sound like a party-pooper but that just seems like a very cuntish thing to do. Who would have thought it of cheeky, chirpy rapist Russell Brand and, the worlds's oldest child, Jonathan Ross? Perhaps, as bad as this is, this will be the end of the new Brucey-Tarby-Lynchy crew that has arose over the last couple of years. That happy, back-slapping, aren't-we-great-big-showbiz-mates wankery that is Brand, Ross, David Fucking Walliams and Ricky Fucking Fucking Gervais is just vomit inducing and embarrassing. Did Filthy, Rich & Catflap teach them nothing? To be fair, I actually think Russell Brand is the least offensive out of the four and it's a shame that this idiotic prank was played by him and not Walliams. Let's face it, Ricky Gervais wouldn't give a fuck if he'd done it but Walliams probably couldn't show his face at Sir Elton's next Let's Give The Poor All My Old Frocks charity do. And if he wasn't there then he'd be pointless and have to kill himself, which is excellent. So, the only one who's really going to look bad in this is Jonathan Ross. I mean, he's nearly 50 and he decided to egg on another grown man to phone up Manuel and say "I fucked your grandaughter". Why don't you egg your own brother on to get a fucking proper job, Jonathan? Not that anything bad will happen to him, he's too popular, but it would be a laugh if he got fired. At least Angus Deayton had the dignity to blow coke up a prostitute's arse.

By the way, if you don't know the story, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand phoned up actor Andrew Sachs and left horrible messages on the subject of grandaughter fucking on his answering machine. That's that cleared up.

The last few days have been dull as fuck, really. I've either been putting crap in boxes or putting crap on eBay (anyone want to buy a Boba Fett Pez dispenser?) and generally clearing out my crappy house (which is being Foxyed as I write this). I saw Bennett Arron and his family on sunday which was the dictionary definition of pleasant. I started writing on our play last week and so far it only consists of transcripts of actual arguments Bennett and I have really had. Probably should have shown him the scripts before I blogged that but hey-ho, it's all looking good. Did you watch Dead Set last night? I did. It's good.

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