Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I Don't Care Where You Are.

There. I said it. I fucking went there. I really don't care where you are when I want you to be somewhere else. Facebook is a minefield of rampant egotism at the best of times but today's annoyance is basically people declining an invitation. I don't mind that people don't want to come to The Real Daniel O'Donnell Show tonight at the Albany 8pm, that's fine. You're under no obligation. But for fuck sake, you don't need to tell me (or should I say everyone) that you're doing something more interesting. "I'm in Tuscany" Fuck off! "I'm going to see a friend's band" All friend's bands are shit. "It's Yom Kippur" Grow the fuck up, there is no God. Well, I hope you all have a fucking nice time. You can easily say no without giving us your life-story, you know? Bloody stupid Facebook. Oh, and another thing; Women, stop taking photos of yourself for Facebook, it's really creepy. There. That's finally been said.

We did a little bit of rehearsing for Los Quattros Cunts last night. We have a grand total of three (at a push four) sketches that basically have us arguing with each other or arguing with ourselves. I, for one, really like them. They're still only ideas but I think they're really good ideas and hopefully they'll spark us off to do a Los Quattros Cunts show properly very soon. Not that we did much work (although we did more than we have done for months) last night because Jeremy turned up with a full episode of Jokers Wild that needed to be watched and dissected. If you haven't seen this fucking awful pile of 70's chain-smoking piss then you probably never will. So well done, you. It's worth watching for all the wrong reasons and Ray Martine is a joy to avoid. He's like an unfunny Paul Foot or a very funny James Dreyfus, I haven't made up my mind. It was also nice to have a beer with my mates and tell them things that happened in America that I can't really put in my blog. I swatted a priest. I shouldn't have told you that.

I'm really looking forward to tonight because the sketch ideas are pretty good and our guests are great; Martin White, Hils Barker and Robin Ince. I hope Robin's in a really bad mood, he's hilarious when he vents. Plus, it's our last show for a while, at least until Muki is 100% fighting fit (which shouldn't take long). Shame you can't make it. Have fun in Tuscany/at your mate's gig/with your imaginary friend.

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