Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Slightly Happier Yesterday.

About five minutes after I posted my blog yesterday I found a clip of the new Peter Serafinowicz TV series. It's fantastic and just what I needed to see after the depressing funk Peter Kay personally put me in. Serafinowicz had a great (with a little bit of crap) series on BBC2 last year and no-one watched it because everyone is an idiot, therefore he seems to have taken his new idea to America's Adult Swim. Who can blame him? We have The Kevin Bishop Show, Celebrity Juice and Peter cunting Kay in this country so there's no room for someone like Serafinowicz with his jokes and funny ideas. Maybe now that he's fucked off to America there's room to bring back Three Non-Blondes? Here's that there clip that I saw...

See more funny videos at Funny or Die UK

Seeing that and then reading Richard Herring's blog about working with Daniel Kitson put me in a really good mood yesterday. I looked forward to meeting up with Bennett Arron to talk about our new writing thingy and the hope that we could do it ourselves live, therefore avoiding the dissappointment of telly turning us down or, worse still, making it. I met Bennett at a pub in Charlotte Street and within about ten minutes we'd figured out that our idea could easily be a live show and maybe even, dare I say it, a play. That has made me very excited indeed. I love the thought of making something that doesn't need to be edited or changed by someone else. Yep, it might well fuck up but it will be my fuck up or if it REALLY fucks up then it'll be Bennett's fuck up. It's a win-win situation. Doing this and Los Quattros Cunts should make the next few months pretty good, maybe even exciting. It's nice.

Meeting Bennett in the pub wasn't easy though. Firstly, Bennett arrived wearing the kind of clothes Greg Burns will be wearing in two years (Bennett is just that behind in fashion) and secondly, he's not drinking. He seemed to cope OK with not drinking last night but I'm now not sure that I coped well with it. He was relaxed and very easy going company and that was the problem. Bennett is generally a pretty reserved man but the more booze he drinks the more reserved he becomes. It's quite weird. Quite weird but I've got very used to it over the years and not seeing him do that last night was a bit odd. Luckily, we were joined by Robin Ince who happily had a few drinks while regaling us with incredible stories of all the famous people he's met like Richard Madeley, Robson Jerome and Judy Finnigan. Bizarrely, for someone who's as booky, indie recordy and robinincey as Robin is, he's a fantastic drinker. I've seen him drink a lot quite a few times and I've never seen him drunk. What is wrong with these people? That's the best bit. Robin is bringing atheism to the masses, like some sort of messiah, at a gig he's organised called Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People at the Hammersmith Apollo on the 21st December. Richard Dawkins, Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Martin White plus more. It's like a great big Book Club with Richard Dawkins instead of Peter Buckley-Hill.

So, in summary, not much happened yesterday but at least I've stopped whining about that fucking stupid talentless sack of shit Peter fucking bastard Kay. So that's an improvement.


Dick Madeley said...

Excellent stuff. Hadn't heard of him before now. I feel enlightened. I mean, enLIGHTENED! And in only eight hours.

Guy said...

All hail the octopus!

You're right, why the hell is there so much 'mock comedy' shit on TV when people like Serafinovicz and Herring are criminally underrated...

...because it's easier to do something safe than risking your shitty job in 'da media'.