Saturday, 4 October 2008


I got tipsy in the daytime yesterday. It was fucking great. Everyone buggered off except me and my new friend Denise so we went to the Beach Cafe (I could pick up the flaw in the bar's name here in grey, rainy Seattle but I'll leave that up to you) and ended up drinking a few black russians. That is a great way to spend an afternoon and I recommend that you do the same today. The waitress was perky, swell and real happy to serve all y'all today, thank you, today, sir, please, thank you but I was in such a good mood that I didn't even want to punch her fucking stupid cheery face in. I did anyway.

Then, after screaming at the premier episode of The Clone Wars, I was off to Wilde Rover, an Irish bar built by an Irishman, designed by an Irishman, run by an Irishman and patronised by rich Americans who swear blind they are Irish because their great-grandmother's neice had a green jumper once. It was actually OK because I was still enjoying the little black russian buzz from earlier but after a few pints of the aul' black stuff and a pint of Guinness (HA HA HA!) I felt compelled to argue with a right-wing christian. Unfortunately, the room I was in was only fucking full of them so I thought I best watch myself because I didn't want to get murdered to death. I did meet one person who hated Sarah Palin and she was enjoyably loud about it but by that time I had been introduced to the only other Irish person in Seattle and we felt obliged to talk to one another. Not because we wanted to, it was just so the other people could see that you can have two of us in the room without a fight happening. After the fight, I left and went back to the hotel to watch the OJ Simpson verdict. I was very happy with it and slept like a fat, drunk baby. God bless America. It took you long enough but you finally got him. Why not try Bin-Laden next? Just a suggestion.

Today's the wedding day. I've now been put in charge of videoing it although I like to think of my role as documentor of the far-right. I'm looking forward to it. I might even have a drink, who knows?

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