Thursday, 30 October 2008

Happy Now, BBC?

Well, he's gone. The BBC wouldn't let one little abusive phone call lie and as a result he's walked out the door. And why wouldn't he? He's got a huge career far outside the BBC, he doesn't need them and his thousands of fans will probably follow him to what ever it is he'll do next. Just five more stories and he's out. He should have stayed for at least a few of the Steven Moffatt episodes, though.

I'm obviously a huge fan of David Tennant's Doctor but, as a fan, I'm extremely proud of him for quitting because of Manuelgate. He's probably the most respected actor who works for the BBC so this show of solidarity for Ross and Brand will surely influence others to do the same. I imagine Karen Taylor, David Walliams and the entire cast of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps are all handing in their resignations right now and swearing never to work on TV ever again. I'm imagining it and urge you to do the same. It's a lovely thought and makes my toilet bits go funny. I love my toilet bits. Anyway, well done Russell Brand for basically telling the BBC to go fuck themselves. They've shown no support for the two performers who's only fault was to do something that wasn't in anyway funny. Christ, if that was their remit BBC3 would be a blank screen permanently. The BBC say that they've given in to public pressure. What public pressure? The Daily Mail are angry; that's a GOOD thing. The Prime Minister is outraged; erm, doesn't he have something more important to be doing? And 18,000 people have contacted the BBC to air their disgust at two men-children acting exactly like men-children. It's only 18,000 people. That's only twice The Late Edition's audience, it's nothing. And they're not people anyway. The moment you write to the BBC complaining about something that you haven't even heard is the moment you become a fucking idiot. So, it's only 18,000 fucking idiots that have made the BBC do what they wanted. Maybe I should be sending my scripts to 18,000 fucking idiots in the UK instead one great, big fucking idiot at the BBC?

I went to see Robin Ince's School for Gifted Children last night. I'll be honest, I went thinking I'd be on because during the day I spoke to Tim from The Scotsman newspaper about Manuelgate and had such a nice rant I felt it needed to be said on stage. You know, before I forget it or the story becomes old. But when I got there I saw loads of comedians so chickened out of pushing myself forward. I like Robin Ince's shows. Firstly, because he is a genuinely brilliant comedian and secondly, for no other reason. And last night Robin was superb, just completely at his best. School for Gifted Children is a very random show filled with random comedians and random scientists. I enjoyed the comedians, Wil Hodgson and Richard Sandling were very funny and it was great to see Dave Gorman doing stand up after years away from it. Would have been nice if he'd returned to the stand up arena and was a bit shit but, no, he couldn't even give us that. The comedians were good but, and I tried my best, the two scientists bored my arse's teeth of a hind-leg's donkey. At one point, one of them burst out laughing at a graph. I was never good at school and this reminded me why. I'm able to learn things if Magnus Pyke teaches it, I'm pretty much lost with everyone else. The highlight for me though was seeing Andrew Collins who I have a big girly crush on. He's very funny, despite what he says, and I genuinely gave an audible wow to his Mitford punchline when everyone else in the room was stoney silent.

Right. Off to Newcastle now. Bets on that David Tennant regenerates into Russell Brand.


Andrew Collins said...

You are very kind.

Peekay Ex said...

Personally I wish they would end Dr Who or at least leave it a few years when one of the main actors leaves.

I'm starting to think this could turn into a 'Have I Got Dr Whos For You' as we get one character after another after another...Piper, Tate, that other one, Ecclestone, tenant and now someone else...all stepping into the main parts. A bit of continuity would be good. Let's have a not-so-well-known actor and keep him in for ages.