Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Bring Back Fox Hunting

Not only is it depressing that Peter Kay's horrifyingly dull Britain's Got The Pop Factor actually got made by Channel 4 (who brought us Father Ted, Brasseye and, admittedly, Star Stories) but it's damn near flatliningly final that the thing is so popular. I've read some good reviews in a couple of the papers and it brought Channel 4 it's biggest audience of the year so far. So can we blame Channel 4 anymore? If people like this level of dung then they deserve it so I'm up for scrapping More 4 and changing it to Britain's Got The Pop Factor 4, a channel dedicated to that one programme. I logged on to Youtube a minute ago and it immediately recommended a clip of BGTPF featuring "the excellent" Dr. Fox. I just feel deflated that this even exists and that Dr. Fox is now in more Channel 4 sit-coms than I ever will be. It's not fair, so-called Dr. Fox. He's not even a real fox.

I'm a bit fed up today. I'm starting to write something with Bennett Arron which will be funny, well put together and never made. I just don't see the point in writing scripts just to send them in to TV companies who insist on a shit-only policy. Not that I'm incapable of writing shit. I bet I could easily write something worse than BGTPF and become famous but would I be happy? Undoubtedly. Look at the massive grin on that pie-eating, smug, running-on-empty, phone-in of a comedian Peter Kay. Think he gives a fuck about quality over fame and fortune? He doesn't give a crap about anything other than lads shouting "Garlic Bread" at him and Nans thinking he's smashing. A bit like an X-Factor contestant.

Can they bring back Vic Reeves Big Night Out again? I think I deserve it. I've been through enough.

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