Sunday, 26 October 2008

You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby.

Last night's gig in Southampton was pretty good. The audience were quite quiet but still seemed to enjoy the gig, as did I. It was great to see Otiz Cannelloni, he's one of my all-time favourite comedians which is exactly why he's not internationally famous. My fault. Sorry. Sadly, I missed Micky Flanagan, who I'm sure got the very best out of the audience, but I had to rush back to the train and the last two episodes of The Krotons. It's good, The Krotons. You should watch it.

Then when I got home I stupidly watched X-Factor. What a prick I am. I've got a really busy day today which is a shame because I really wanted to lay in to some cunt off that ridiculous programme even though I'm not allowed to because his wife's all dead. He's an awful human being who should be fucking ashamed of himself. How he can even hear the band playing over the noise of his wife doing cartwheels in her grave is a chart-topping miracle. Awful man. Still, isn't that picture up there the greatest photo you've ever seen?

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