Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Positively Great.

I'm in a great mood. It's kind of why I didn't blog yesterday. I'm actually happy up here at the moment and no-one wants to read about that. I know I don't really want to write about it but, fuck it, here goes.

First things first: My friend was due to start a play two weeks ago here in Edinburgh. She was playing the part of Lady MacBeth in some play I've forgotten the name of but, two days before the play was due to open, got hit by a taxi. I was told a few stories about how she was after the accident, none of them were good. Like a big coward, I avoided going to see her because I really didn't want to see my friend in pain or in a different mental state than I know her to be in. BUT....she was fine. Fine might not be the word because she still has a lot of tests and therapy to go through but she acted like she normally does and she looked like she normally does. That all made me happy. I think we all fear that a random accident might take away the thing from a friend that makes you want to shag them and I'm glad that hasn't happened here.

We got a good review in Chortle. There's little worse than anyone getting a three star review and saying the depressing words "but it reads like a four". If you are up here and anyone says that to you, punch their fucking heads in. They are worse than paedophiles and rapists. They disgust me and they should be shot. is a three star review and it DOES read like a four so fuck off.

Then I heard some very positive things about our show from Stewart Lee and a lovely plug from Phill Jupitus. They're on TV and their opinion means more than everyone else's because of that. Plus they're very funny. Phill was in town to record two of his excellent The Perfect 10 podcasts with Phil Wilding. I went along to the recording at the beautiful Cameo Cinema and after the recording they showed Blazing Saddles in full on the big screen. Do you have any idea how happy that made me? I was pretty much delirious throughout it. It is just a fantastic film that revels in utter stupidity. If King of Everything ever made a film it would be like that. But, obviously, much, much shitter. I went there with my good friend Ros and my new friend Leanne and, after Blazing Saddles, we "danced" away to Phill & Phil's DJ set. A great day finished as all great days should. Drunkenly dancing to the Pet Shop Boys.

There is no gossip or scandal up here in Edinburgh this year. Nothing at all. I was in the loo yesterday at The GRV and overheard one of Superclump saying "After this, let's get out of here and sink some mojitos". That's as bad as Edinburgh has got this year. Not scandalous but certainly punchable.

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