Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Day Zero.

It has begun.

And by that I mean Edinburgh's classic ability to say NO to anything you want. Would the bank let me withdraw my own money? NO. Ok, did the bank clerk know where there might be another bank around here? There was one pretty much next door but NO. Then when I finally was allowed the money that belonged to me so that I could give it to the Landlady of my flat did she turn up? NO. Would she be very late? NO (she was). Then did she meet us a the flat? NO, she couldn't. We had to meet her near some bins and hand over £1600. Boy, that was a classy moment. Still, that means we now have the keys to the flat, right? NO. She'll bring them along later. Later was 10pm.

That wasn't the end of the world, though. We had one set of keys between four of us for now, at least we could get in the flat if we wanted. Great. A quiet night in watching TV before the madness of the festival begins. Did the TV work? NO.

Why would it? It's the mystery of Edinburgh.

Only saw a few people in garish make-up and dressed like a prostitute-bomb (actors, I think they're called) yesterday. But today is the first real day of the Festival so there should be wave upon wave of excited but soon to be spiritually-demolished idiots begging for everyone's attention today. Johnny was very happy yesterday because Day Zero is his favourite day in Edinburgh. You can safely walk down the street without arseholes constantly bombarding you with tedium and you can drink early without worrying about your show. We went to The Pear Tree, a popular Edinburgh bar, that was pretty much Festival-free. Only a few comics there like Richard Sandling, Eric, Lewis Shaffer and Lloyd Langford and it was very nice to see them all too. Soon, going to a normal pub will be next to impossible but yesterday The Pear Tree was a real pub full of real people. When we arrived there a man was walking and vomiting at the same time. Now, that's real.

It's our tech run and mini-preview today. Yeah, I'm happily nervous.

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