Sunday, 16 August 2009

Old School.

Over the past two days Johnny and I have been filming some of our sketches for Green Ink Productions. It's been a lot of fun. Fun. I remember that.

This Edinburgh has not been the laugh it was last year, for me. I don't know enough people up here this year, our shows are only attracting small audiences (albeit nice ones) and I'm not overly sure why I'm up here. I think it's purely for the sake of it and that might be a huge mistake. Don't get me wrong, our show is good (although it was pretty shit yesterday until about half-way through) but having a good show without PR and relying only on flyering and word-of-mouth can be frustrating and depressing. Still, I've been doing other gigs and really been enjoying them for the most part. I've got a new stand-up routine which is working better every time I do it now and I'm really loving doing it. That plus the filming over the last two days has been a welcome distraction to the reality of Edinburgh.

We filmed two sketches on Friday in a primary school. It is very strange to be in a primary school when you're 41, it's even quite creepy. I know I'm not a paedophile but by just setting foot in that place I couldn't help but feel that I was one.

The filming went really well despite all the interruptions. We were walked in on by overly polite teachers and fucking pig-rude cleaners every 10 minutes or so plus Johnny went mad. The thing is, this Edinburgh Festival has been busy so pretty much as soon as we leave the flat in the morning(ish) we don't get back until 5am when we're all exhausted and drunk. For the filming, we had to be up at 8am. There is no 8am during the Edinburgh Festival. This 8am was shoved down our throats. We were tired and being tired effects different people in different ways. For me, tiredness makes me grumpy and quiet but for Johnny it makes him horny and giggly. At more than one point we had to stop filming so Johnny, 36, could laugh and point at his own proud erection. No doubt Pacino is the same when he's on set.

The absolute worst thing about this years festival for me is that it keeps getting in the way of blogging. I'm going to remedy that as of today. A blog a day until the end of the festival. I still haven't grumped about flyerers, performer's quotes on their posters and young comedians all sharing the same haircut. I will though. By the way, I saw two shows yesterday. That's not like me. Two Episodes of MASH are really good and Jeanene Garofolo was....well, let's just say that you're very lucky that last night was her last show. I would hate to think that you might accidentally stumble into it. Fucking awful.

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Thanks for the laugh @ 1.45am Monday morning poor unemployed with a hard-on cuz this birds getting me BANG at it.