Saturday, 8 August 2009


God, I was in a horrible mood yesterday. We hadn't done any work on our show so it was exactly the same as the previous day's (you know, not finished) and when I got to the venue there was a Youth Dance Company performing in the middle of the road right across from it. These little fuck-nuts should be out watching Skins and getting pregnant not waving their arms around pretending to be the sea while My Heart Will Go On dribbles out of their broken stereo. It never fails to baffle and annoy me that some people think that it's fine to do bits of their show in the street IN FULL FUCKING COSTUME. They don't see it as an invasion (which it fucking is), they see it as a chance to show people what they can do. What they can do is make people want to kick their egotistical half-faces in. Why are they dancing in the street when they could be fucking in a car park? I don't get young people.

The show was good but an even smaller audience than the previous day. Really have to do something about that. That said, once again the small audience were just excellent. Afterwards I got fed up that the show still needs re-writing done (pretty much done now) and couldn't shake the fed up feeling for the rest of the day. This is a very normal party of the fun, excitement and excrement of Edinburgh. Late at night I wandered around on my own listening to The Duckworth-Lewis Method on my iPod and thinking about generally punching Edinburgh it's big prick face. I bumped into John Gordillo who asked me how I was. I spent the next 20 minutes telling him. He will never ask me that question again, the poor cunt.

Feeling much better today, thanks. A few new bits in the show, one of which made Johnny laugh while having a poo. I don't think I've ever laughed while having a poo before. That's now definitely on my to do list.

I can't be too down anyway because Edinburgh might be a skip full of wankers but it does provide you with a chance to make your own entertainment and there's nothing I like better than Leaflet Folding. It's a game I play with my Edinburgh friends every year and the rules are simple. When someone gives you a flyer, you fold it. Enjoy the results.

Paul Sinha.

Andrew Lawrence.

A cunt in a hat.

Some cunt I've never heard of.

A fucking nightmare.

Linda Smith.

Roy Kinnear.

Pa Fub.

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Tanya Jones said...

I used to think Skins was rubbish, then I watched some of the third series, and was blown away. It's actually really good!