Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Olli Nollicazet.

Why isn't Otiz Cannelloni huge?

It's because he's one of the funniest people in the country, isn't it? The fucking idiot. I saw him on Sunday night being his usual brilliant, naturally funny self and the audience loved him. You see, if a TV producer saw that he or she would just roll their eyes and not quite get the connection between getting lots of laughs and being good at getting lots of laughs. Well, they'd say, he's no Justin Lee Cunting Collins and then go off and fuck up another BBC3 series before falling asleep in their own mess. Not that all TV producers are like that. They can't be. How else could Life On Mars get made? Not Ashes To Ashes, of course, just Life On Mars. Not ALL TV PRODUCERS ARE CUNTS because there are still a few good programmes being made out there. I watched Little Howard's Big Question the other day and the fact that some exec out there saw the fun as well as the dark side of Howard Read's incredible work and how it would be a prefect way of entertaining kids without patronising them makes me happy and proves that not ALL TV PRODUCERS ARE CUNTS. Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle was produced by Armando Iannucci and he's brilliant so, you see, not ALL TV PRODUCERS ARE CUNTS. One of these smart people will see the brilliance of Otiz Cannelloni and put that brilliance into good use. They can't throw something that good away and I'm positive that they won't. Unless, of course, ALL TV PRODUCERS ARE CUNTS.

Today's blog was going to be about something else but I was told not to write about it. Shame. You would have been furious. It certainly made my blood boil. It was about someone horrible being horrible. I'm off now to put pressure on my friend so I can write the story.



RobHeeney said...

I thought exactly the same thing watching Dan Evans the other night ... that Otiz is great.

Paul C said...

have seen OC countless times over the last 15 yrs or so - act has barely changed and STILL has me giggling from the moment he reveals the anagram !

Do I detect a hint of jealousy in Rob H's comment on Dan E?
Think I was at the gig in question (The Hob on Saturday)
Dan stormed it while your pro-North London opener failed to generate the pro-Sarf Landan response it deserved.
Recovered well to finish second though. how's your mum getting on with Dennis?

Michael Legge said...

Don't think my Mum knows Dennis. I'll ask her.

Glad to see you're a Hob regular. Great gig.

Paul C said...

Sorry Michael, should have made it clearer I was referring to Rob Heeney's mum and her exploits on Facebook.

From a punter's point of view I have to agree The Hob is just a superb venue for comedy and with Ron & Emma's enthusiasm long may it continue!

Hope to see you back there again before too long.