Sunday, 10 May 2009

Croatia Pt 2.

One thing you can definitely say about the people of Croatia: They really love animals.

I love animals too. So far on this trip I’ve seen Dolphins, Wild Rabbits, thousands of Trout, Bears and Wolves in the mountains (nearly) and lizards. I think the lizards are my favourite so far. They are the Croatian version of mice except they’re much cleaner and instead of screaming in fear when they come into a room I scream with excitement and make an idiot of myself. Yes, as much as I love animals I have to admit that the people of Croatia definitely love them more than me. In fact, they love animals so much that, over here, they actually eat them!

I know it sounds disgusting but animal flesh is actually thought of as food in Croatia. They eat everything from baby goats to baby bison to babies, I’m guessing. There’s barely a dish available here that doesn’t come along with a side of murdered animal and the locals don’t bat an eyelid. Bat’s eyelids in particular are considered a delicacy. For my trip to the Plitvice National Park, where I nearly saw Bears and Wolves, my tour guide prepared some pack lunches for everyone and I chose the vegetarian option. This consisted of a bread roll, water and chicken.

The National Park was incredible, probably one of the most truly awesome things I’ve ever seen, and it was only helped by tour guide and carnivore, Elvis. He was huge but always referred to everyone as “My Dear” before saying their name which made me think that he might be The Master from Doctor Who. Any trip to a massive nature reserve is made all the better when you imagine that you’re part of a universal takeover.

Look, I’m on holiday, OK? The blogs don’t have to be that good.

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