Sunday, 3 May 2009

Day of the Dead.

I spent all day yesterday in a haze. A totally wasted day with me being just as wasted as it was. It was as if I'd drunk too much alcohol the previous night and that alcohol had somehow had an effect on me. I was hungover (it's a technical term) and my hangover decided to spend the day with me. It went wherever I went. And it did a lot of shouting.

It's amazing to spend an entire day doing absolutely nothing but just lie there and feel sorry for yourself. An incredible waste of time and I knew it but did nothing about it. I could have walked up Arthur's Seat, gone to Edinburgh Zoo or simply sat in the park and people watched (you know, oggling) but my hangover had other plans. A carefully put together set of plans that meant that I stayed in bed, watched Doctor Who, Twittered and felt the agony of Christ as my hangover punished me for enjoying myself.

I was also supposed to go to The Whisky Society with The Stand Comedy Club's Chris Cooper yesterday afternoon to spend the day trying various single malts that whisky expert Chris suggested. I loved that idea when I was drunk and even thought it exciting before I got drunk but, strangely, when my hangover arrived I wasn't that keen on trying out different kinds of booze. The very thought would have made me throw up if I wasn't already shitting out my newly diarrhoea-ed organs every three minutes. Unpleasant.

It's a shame to miss a day in Edinburgh because it's a fantastic place and I'll definitely make up for yesterday today. I just realised that I said NO to Edinburgh. That'll teach it.

The gigs have all been great here in The Stand as always. It's a wonderful club. You should go there. The gig last night was the first time all day that I didn't feel hungover although Chris Limb's poster for King of Everything helped too. Just look at it. Have you any idea how happy it has made me?

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