Sunday, 25 January 2009

World's Laziest Blog.

Nothing much has happened to me over the last couple of days. I've done nothing. I should be working but I can't get my head round it at the moment. So, what do you do when you've got nothing to do? You probably sort out your taxes, hit the gym or go swimming? Not me. I have a new hobby and I want you all to have a go at it too. It's called sleeping.

Sleeping is fantastic. You can do it practically anywhere and can be played by one or more people. You can even do it with a dog, and how many activities can you say that about? You're right, three or four. This is pretty much my 2009 sorted now. When I have fuck all to do, I'm going to bed. You can all join me if you like (but you won't like it. I snore and rub a lot). I had a two hour nap in the middle of the day yesterday that didn't get my garden tidied up, my house cleaned or my neighbours apologised to but it did make me feel great. Highly recommended.

My other hobby, though nowhere near as exciting and fun as going to sleep, is re-casting famous films. But not re-casting them with other actors, instead I've re-cast them with other characters from other films. For instance, re-casting Star Wars with Wolverine as Han Solo, Barbarella as Princess Leia, Danny from Withnail and I as Chewbacca, Jay as C-3PO, Silent Bob as R2-D2 and Sandy from Grease as Luke Skywalker. It's a fun game. Sleeping is still my favourite but it's the re-casting of films that is keeping me awake. Time to do something else.

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