Saturday, 24 January 2009

Oscars, The Grouch.

I avoided seeing the list of nominees for this year's Academy Awards for good reason. Although I love the Oscars, even though I can fully see how pointless it all is, I knew that this year's nominees would upset me more than usual. Then, this morning, I broke and took a look. I was right. Now I'm furious. The fucking arseholes.

How the fuck does Heath Ledger get thrown a supporting actor crumb for the work he's done? He was the STAR of The Dark Knight. He was the main character we watched. How is that not leading actor status? More importantly The Reader, Milk, Frost/Nixon, Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire are clearly not better films that The Dark Knight. I know more about the quality of these films than the Academy does and I haven't even seen them (except one of them). And where was In Bruges? I haven't felt this angry since fucking fucking fucking Gandhi won and E.T. lost. It's balls. And if you disagree then you're a cunt. An awful cunt.

To be honest, I've woke up in a bad mood. Last night I downloaded the latest two Radio Four Friday Night Comedy podcasts because I feel that radio comedy is something I know very little about. I listened to The News Quiz, which is a nostalgia based conversation between a bunch of plummy voiced, horse owning, Gin & Tonic quaffing, out of touch with the human race, awful embarrassments who touch on topical subjects such as Sylvia Plath and maths. At one point it was pointed out to us listeners that Liberal Democrats don't have much charisma. It was if A Kick Up The Eighties had never happened. If you haven't heard The Fucking News Quiz then get this: SANDI TOKSVIG IS THE FUNNIEST ONE ON IT. Just imagine that. Plus, let's be really honest about this now, isn't Jeremy Hardy a God-awful smug prick? He has the most punchable voice I've ever heard and for "an old leftie" he's not half right wing. I've got The Now Show to listen to now. I'm terrified. Surely there must be something good on Radio 4? Well, there will be when King of Everything get on there.

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