Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Charity Case.

Last night at the Comeidans Annual Christmas Piss-Up was a success. It was great to see so many people turn up and it was extremely nice of all the people who made an effort to come up to me and say thanks for organising it. I'd just like to say that you're welcome and it was Susan Murray who organised it, not me. I can't organise shit these days plus I can spell comedians. Well done, Susan, you did a great job. The thing is, I don't think there was a single person there that I was trying to avoid so that's a great achievement in itself. I had work really early this morning so I left before all the real debauchery started and Dan March turned up. Any stories of last night? I'd like to hear them....

How brilliant is it to have a clearout? I've just got rid of 30 t-shirts, two pairs of jeans, 3 jumpers and a coat. They all went to a charity shop. I love giving things to a charity shop just because I like imagining that maybe someday someone will be walking around completely dressed in my clothes and we'll bump into each other and become friends and have an adventure. Actually, I don't give a fuck about seeing the guy or meeting him or going on a, let's face it, probably costly and annoying, adventure. He's obviously poor so I just don't want to know him, OK. But I like thinking that he's completely decked out in my clothes like my own little tribute act. God, I wish I hadn't deleted Monopoly. I also threw away a million socks which is both happy and sad. In some ways I put those socks out of their misery. As if it wasn't bad enough having my feet in them and occasionally using them to wipe up my sperm, they often lose their partners. They become odd, solo socks that, now that they're single, I try my best to match-up with other single socks that I think will go well with them. But, as you know, when you try match-making it never works and they're better off in the bin where they belong. I can see Sam Mendes making that into a film. Or Pixar. Actually, probably just Pixar. Anyway, that's my advice for the day; just chuck stuff out. You'll have more room for new crap and a poor person can dress up JUST LIKE YOU!

My brain is having a breakdown today. I got up too early and I've got the me and Johnny show stuff to write up today and hopefully I'll be talking about it all tonight with our director. Yeah, we've got a director. Of course, he might think it's all shit and not want to touch it for fear of death by embarrassment. At least it's got a title now; King Of Everything. What do you think? So, I really need to wake up and do all that. Maybe a Wii Fit would wake me up? I'm scared to go back to the Wii Fit today because yesterday it told me my "Fit Age" was 28 which means that the Wii Fit is broken or the 28 year old they're talking about is broken.

Babbling. Need sleep. Have to work. Need sleep.

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