Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Silly, Stupid, Lazy Switzerland.

Switzerland's noble attempt to stop the commission of a second series of The Fucking Kevin Fucking Bishop Show sadly failed today and I woke up to find myself crushingly alive. Oh, yes, they can make cuckoo clocks but apparently a black hole is slightly beyond the Nazi gold hiding pricks. The Large Hadron Collider in Geneva was switched on this morning and, instead of wiping out the human race, it just hummed, crushed atoms and got one step further to finding Rhodes Boyson. Why they want to do that is well beyond me. I like atoms. Leave them alone. It does look good though, like a very polished version of the set from The Hand of Fear. What? Too soon?

OK, I have to go to The Albany. We're doing The Clock Hour with some other stuff mixed in tonight. My blog tomorrow should be furious. It will feature the council, special needs children, nomad travellers and my rifle of justice. Sorry today's was brief but if I start with all the crap that the council shoved through my letter box I'd have no time to say cunt. And no-one wants my blog to be free of that, See you tomorrow.

Doctor Who references: 1. Cunt: 1. A draw.

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