Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Area Cunts Do Nothing.

Last night was the second of our Los Quattros Cunts meetings and after the fairly unsuccessful first meeting we were determined to make sure this one was where the mammoth ball of invention would start rolling. It was also the first one with all four of us so the atmosphere in the room was electric with inspiration and excitement. Anyway, we did fuck all. Paul cooked dinner, I got 8 cans of Kronenbourg at the local shop for £2.98 (they fucked up somewhere) and Jeremy has a new ringtone. Those were the highlights of the meeting. We then sat down to watch a TV series called This Is Pop (or something) by the now defunct Four Horsemen. It's a real shame that they split up when they did because if they'd split up a bit earlier then maybe This Is Pop would never have been made and there would have been a tad less embarrassment in the room while we were watching it. Then we watched The Onion Movie which had a few good bits in it (a nun drinks a jar of Ape Cum) but was mainly shit, very dissappointing considering how excellent The Onion can be. Then we all went home. Not an idea knocked out between us. It would have been a waste of everyone's time and lack of energy if we hadn't been exposed to these two clips:

The worst thing about meeting up with my fellow Quattros Cunts, apart from Jeremy not drinking, is that after a while I always end up talking about how great it would be if there was another Trap show, thus pushing myself out of the project. The Trap are pretty much the best show that I've ever seen and draining their talent has long been a hobby of mine. I think I'm just in that post-Edinburgh "Come On! Let's Do Stuff!" kind of mode but without any of the actual doing stuff so getting The Trap to do another show just seems to be my easiest option. I get to see a great show without doing any work. Maybe I should try to persuade Johnny Candon to join me and reunite our Tolerance Twins double act again? That was tasteful.

Now I'm about to do something stupid. I'm going to the gym. If you're in any way a friend, you'll stop me.

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gunnerboy said...

Is the first clip dated more by Sid's joke or the idea of the police siren going !clang-a-lang-a-lang"? Its so dull now that we can't confuse the filth with the local icecream van.