Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-BACK PAIN!

I saw TWO Alicia Silverstone films yesterday. TWO! I didn't know there were two. One was cancerous to the eyes, ears and understanding (Batman & Robin), the other was very good because Ewan McGregor got shot dead right at the beginning. It was called Stormbreaker and starred Mickey Rourke and Jimmy Carr, obviously. Anyways, that's all the Alicia Silverstone films I need to see for ages so at least I've got that out of the way. Think I'll move on to the works of Michelle Trachtenberg next.

I watched Batman & Robin at 6.30am yesterday because my back (the thing that makes me waddle) likes to scream it's head off at that time. There's very little more depressing than being awake before the rest of the world, being in pain and hearing "Batman" say to Robin "This is why Superman works alone." I couldn't help but think that Chris Nolan wishes he was dead just so he could spin in his grave.

My back is getting slightly better though thanks to a blend of yoga and ignoring it. I've noticed that if I pretend to not be in brain-exploding agony then the back pain loses it's will or gets bored or something. Either way, it goes. Also, at the moment, I'm wearing a Deep Heat patch on the base of my spine which is slowly burning my flesh off therefore taking focus away from the back pain. In a way, Batman & Robin was doing exactly the same thing.

Sadly, I've got a full day of King of Everything stuff to do plus I need to put a few hours aside to scream at various fuckwits who work for BT so let me leave you with this delight....

We all remember The Shop, as does all our therapists, but have we really given focus to any of the key players? NO! The same really nice person who pointed me in the direction of The Shop but is too nice to publicly laugh at it has now sent me another link. It's the website of Paul Newbery who played the shop manager. He also did a BT advert which, for today at least, makes him a cunt. Here's his showreel: http://www.paulnewbery.net..../pages/media.php

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