Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Change.

All the gigs this weekend were fantastic which means I'm in a horribly good mood. Don't get me wrong, I tried to get in a bad mood. I didn't want to let you down so I tried to do a podcast knowing fully well that my Podcastudio just refuses to work when I tell it to. It's an evil bastard, really. It works when I set it up and it seems to love recording me saying "Testing, Testing, 1,2,3." but when it comes down to me actually using it for a podcast it just stops. Like it was bored or something. Rude.

But my fury didn't last long because I was with Johnny Candon, da party man! I mean, if we don't do a podcast then we can go straight to the pub. Brilliant. I live near a pub. We can be there in 5 minutes. Johnny can't say no to pubs, today's gonna be fiiiiiine. But today wasn't fiiiiiine because Johnny wanted to go shoe shopping. Fucking shoe shopping!? What? Are we Sex In The City now? Johnny actually said the words "I need to go to Schuh or Office" in that order. I had lost Johnny. Johnny has been changing a lot lately. He's been eating salads and packets of roasted almonds instead of punching his face in with deep-fried heart-attack meat. He's even been talking about going to the gym (only talking about it, mind). Poor Johnny. No more lovable falling asleep in his lunch due to having too many breakfast ciders, from now on it was all about looking good, girlfriend. I needn't have worried. The big, cack-handed lummox wandered around the streets of Covent Garden terrified of shops that sold non-booze related footwear for about 20 minutes before running back to the safety of beer and quiz machines. Stupid Johnny trying to think for himself. Idiot.

The Jade Goody film lie made me angry for about 15 minutes too so, really, the last few days have just been peppered with bile rather than steeped in it like normal. Last night's Comedy Cafe gig was excellent. I even saw a new comedian who I really liked. Imagine that! Her name is Katie Wilkins (I think) and her material about talking dirty to her boyfriend in bed was absolutely fantastic. I laughed a lot. In fact I've been doing a fair bit of that laughing thing over the last few days. I finally got round to watching the first series of The Inbetweeners which was excellent, Newswipe was amazing and I get Peep Show now. Never did before. It's brilliant.

Sorry about the good mood. Perhaps you can recommend a terrible comedy TV show for me to watch and I can be back to angry normal. If Johnny's turning into a red-hot, size zero shopaholic and I'm finding comedy "fun" then this does not bode well for King of Everything. Please help.

In the meantime, enjoy this opening credit sequence for the 60's cartoon of Marvel comic's terrifying ball of fury, The Hulk. Ain't he unglamour-ace?

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B said...

lord man, you're in far too good of a mood, newswipe was terrible, not informative and very low on jokes.

if you wanna get mad, just turn on tv3 perhaps?