Sunday, 8 March 2009


Today is King of Everything day. We'll be doing half an hour at the Hen & Chickens tonight in Islington at 9.30. You'll be there. Nothing, so far, has been written apart from a few pre-records expertly done by Chris McIntosh, lead pop-star in 28 Costumes. Johnny and I have done nothing.

I'm relaxed about it though. Johnny promised to write up two of our sketches while he was in Portsmouth for the past two days. He's on his way back now. He just called. He said that although he hadn't actually, physically written them I wasn't to worry because "it's all up here". Seeing as this conversation took place over the phone I can only assume Johnny was pointing at his arse.

Don't miss the show tonight. It would be a crime. Two grown men floundering for 30 minutes and it only costs £5? That is a fucking bargain. Call 020 7704 2001 right now and book your ticket. I'll come to your shit show if you come to mine.

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