Thursday, 26 March 2009

More Idiots.

The park is getting worse. Luckily, so is the weather so maybe these other people will stop using it for a while and give it back to us regular dog walkers, alcoholics and tree-screaming-at-ers that the park rightfully belongs to.

I saw a young family out walking their Staffordshire Bull Terrier yesterday. I hadn't seen them before and therefore I can only conclude that they are other people and don't belong in my park. Then I concluded that they don't belong in my universe when the "Dad" said to his dog, "Do we have to have this conversation again, Oliver?" "Dad" is a bellend.

But he is NOTHING compared to the two gentlemen I saw competing against one another for World's Biggest Tool. I was 10 minutes from leaving the park and for once I thought it was a relatively twat-free walk until I saw these dudes. And they were dudes. They were huge, wore t-shirts that were going mental over some sort of sport or other and they wore baseball caps. In England. In 2009! It goes without saying that they weren't from round here. They was all American like. They were playing a game called Frisbee. The rules of Frisbee are simple: Rule 1) A twat throws plastic at another twat. Rule 2) See Rule 1.

It was borderline pathetic. There's nothing wrong with playing Frisbee, it's only a game after all. But there most certainly is something wrong with playing Frisbee if you whoop loudly when you catch the Frisbee and the person you're playing with applauds. Surely, catching the Frisbee is what you're supposed to do? Isn't that all there is to it? Then when one of them didn't catch the Frisbee the prick that threw it yelled "C'mon, man. Where's the desire?" Those were his actual words in real life. He's an adult. Playing a game. The park can be a depressing place.

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