Monday, 16 March 2009


As this is my last ever blog I thought I should go out the way I came in: by being fully supportive and positive about what's happening in the world of comedy.

I was told yesterday that Stewart Lee's new TV show is on tonight. That is terrible news. Not that Stewart Lee has a TV show and it's on tonight. That bit's good. It's the fact that I was informed of it yesterday. I had no idea. How the fuck can someone as brilliant as Stewart Lee have a TV show on tonight and it's passed me by yet I can't fucking blink without seeing another trailer or poster for cunting Horne & Corden? I haven't seen one single thing about it. I don't even know what it's called, when it's on or what channel it's going out on. It's not like I haven't been watching TV. I have. Even during Comic Relief, a charity marathon, the BBC were showing cunting Horne & Corden trailers. (Right now I am listening to invisible Mathew Horne on breakfast telly say that the bad reviews they got for their show was "an inevitability due to the way the press works" and not because they're shit, so that's good). Yet not a single note of Stewart Lee's show has got through to me. Apparently, it's brilliant as I can only imagine it would be. He's about as talented as you could ever dream of being and the fact that he's brilliant AND has a TV show is a miracle in itself. Bit much to expect anyone to give a fuck about it, I suppose.

So, set your video tape recorders. Stewart Lee. Tonight. Sometime. On the television.

Big thanks to everyone who came to King of Everything last night. It was fun having you there. And thanks for reading the blog and not having a fucking queenie fit over it. Stupid cunts.


B said...

damn, no chance of a comeback or something? a good dinosaur jr one, not the who.

I've been plugging his new show pretty heavily everywhere, but it seems like they've no intention of making it a success anyway.

Dean Saliba said...

How come you are stopping this excellent blog?

I went to see you on Sunday, very good, I shall be dragging a friend of mine along to the next one. :-)

I shall miss your ranting blog.

Snack said...

No, no, no, no! Don't turn off the source of such finely honed invective. Ignore the wankers and keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop your blog! I love reading it and I can't come to your shows. I live in the US! I'll miss all your rants and negative spin on the mundane details of daily life.

yetanotherdave said...

Why the last blog? I've only just found this too.