Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sick Note.

It's crap being ill. No energy to do anything and everything is annoying or hard to do. I've been trying my best to pretend there's nothing wrong but the amount of ooze dripping out my nose or hacking up in my throat makes a good argument.

Work is starting to go smoothly (sort of) on Los Quattros Cvnts. We're 6 days away from the show and we have about half the sketches done plus another billion ideas, most of which revolve around kicking a talking cake to death. That's entertainment in my book. Still got lots of work to do and that'll probably take up all my time until Tuesday. Make sure you come along. It's at The Phoenix, Cavendish Square, London and you can buy tickets on the door (no booking, I'm afraid) on the 17th & 18th of this month. Shows start at 8 but make sure you get there early. We want you to get in OK. Now all we have to do is write it, rehearse it, realise we don't like it, completely re-write it, shit ourselves because it's the day of the show, completely re-write it again and then, finally, completely re-write it. It's going to be hard work the next few days but at least I've got my health.


To be honest, I should be working on the show right now but instead I appear to be sitting in my pants, writing a blog and watching/singing along to the film Chicago. Right. Let's go to work.

Oh, before that.....look at how beautiful this is:

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Jack said...


It seems the problem with the scrolling was down to my technology rather than any issue at your end. If I read the blog on Internet explorer the comments overlay the main text, but when reading the same blog on Google Chrome there is no problem.

Thanks for mentioning it though.

You need to take lots of Vitamins C and D and zinc - that'll shift the cold.