Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Joy of Joy.

Life is beautiful. Not the fucking shitty existence thing that we have to drag ourselves through every pitiful day until the warm, welcoming embrace of the grave. That's awful. I mean the TV series. It's just incredible. I've been staying in slightly more than I usually would recently and have watched a lot of TV. It goes without saying that animals behaving naturally in their own environment crushes anything stupid comedy writers could ever create. Why can't we just have TV like this instead of continually giving money to programmes that we KNOW are terrible but will commission a second series to anyway?

You never say "How the hell did they do that?" while watching How Not To Live Your Life. Why, maybe, but never How. I love Life so much but of course I can't watch it without getting upset that some cunt with a very large Hi-Definition TV is enjoying it more than me. Or even worse, the cunt isn't watching it. He's watching How Not To Live Your Life in Hi-Definition instead. God, I hate him. He's fictional and a bellend. Look, my point is that Life is beautiful.

And sometimes, only rarely obviously, life is beautiful too. Little moments that just lift you and con you into believing that it's all going to be OK. It's a bastard in the long run but short-term happiness is better than no happiness, I suppose. Like pretending to be Mick Talbot from The Style Council last week. I didn't make that happen but it was joyous to see how happy "I" made someone. Or seeing how big, full and close the moon was last night. That was just incredible. Did you see it? Or getting free tea-bags in the post! (I got post! And some of the post was free tea-bags!) Or when your mate emails you and tells you he's bought you tickets to see Robyn Hitchcock and Graham Coxon.That happened to me just now. Lovely! Or giving a complete stranger your travelcard that you're finished with and they actually thank you instead of looking at you like you are sick. Or finding a fiver. Or finding the heating on when you get home. Or watching Life. Yeah, they missed two wasps fucking (so far) but seeing 40,000 bats in flight is just breathtaking and watching Hyenas getting revenge on Lions is incredible. It's just the best TV show ever.

Anyway, I had a lovely "lovely moment" yesterday. I walked past Anvil. There they were, Lips and Robb Reiner, standing outside a record company office on Wardour Street enjoying a cigarette and laughing and joking and being mates. I'm glad they're mates. They look very happy together.

I walked past them to a pub off Oxford Street where I met The Trap for a very important Los Quattros Cvnts drink meeting. I think it's coming together now. We have about five sketches done and a couple of links. Think we need about five more and we've got a show. I hope. It was a really good meeting. We came up with a new character that actually woke me up with laughter this morning just thinking about it. That's a good sign right?

Anyway, watch Life. It's very good. Oh, and The Thick Of It. Everything else is shit, by the way.

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Ross Eldridge said...

Hi there, Michael,

As they say in "Cabaret" ... 'Life is beautiful ... even the orchestra is beautiful!'

Nature seems to find a balance. Recently you wrote about that idiot shooting a baboon to see what it felt like. Then a couple of coyotes ate (or at least nibbled heavily on) a folk singer in Canada.

If you ever need a new character ... There's "The Visible Man". He was the "Invisible Man" but had his identity stolen. He just can't get used to the change!

So it goes ...