Sunday, 1 November 2009

I'm The Best Thing.

How could I have forgotten this?

The answer is booze.

On Wednesday night, right after London Comedy Improv, I headed home on the late night Hayes train. I met Muki on the way and soon a man sat right across from us. I noticed he kept staring at me. She noticed he kept staring at me. We felt uncomfortable.

This lasted a good (or awful) 10 minutes before he finally spoke. I can't remember what he said at first, it was something pretty trivial about the train or the weather or the fact that the nights are fair drawing in. But right after that he told me that he saw me at a gig in Finsbury Park and really loved it. He then revealed that he had seen me a lot over the years and was a big fan. He had all my albums.

I don't have any albums.

Every time he saw me had been in the Eighties. I looked confused. He followed my look of confusion with "Oh, I'm a lot older than I look". That wasn't what was confusing me, mainly because he looked a fair bit older than me. The good thing was that, although I was confused, I went along with what he was saying. I never once hesitated in accepting what he was saying. "Finsbury Park?", I said. "That was a while ago".

He seemed pretty happy to have met me and before he got up to leave he finally plucked up the courage to ask the question that was obviously burning on his mind. "Do you still see Paul Weller?"

"I haven't seen him since 1995", I said completely honestly. I'm very glad that I remembered this. I should drink less when I randomly come across other people's fans on late night trains.

Anyway, here's a video of Paul and I in our hay day: My Ever Changing Moods

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