Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Stop Watching.

I just tried to watch Big Brother. I failed, obviously, because I am not a massive fucking idiot. I didn't expect much but I also didn't expect a prick crèche. They are quite possibly the most despicable people in Britain, a country where Ian Huntley, Gary Glitter and Margaret Thatcher all live. I'd say that they're the most despicable individuals in Britain but there is nothing individual about these cretins. They are, basically, the same lump.

I don't know their names but by the sounds of things none of them have names. They go by monikers such as Angel, Half-Wit and Arsehole 12. They're just so selfish, horrible, egotistical, insecure, weak, thick and aggressive. Why anyone would vote to have one evicted is beyond me. We do not need these cunts back in society. The thing is, it's too hard to pick just one to get rid of anyway. They're all worse than each other. You could start with one of them (say, Fuckteeth, for example) and you'd think that you'd seen the worst person ever but somehow the next one is even worse and the next one worse still. This would continue until you came back round to Fuckteeth who, after 2 seconds in the cunt's company, you would have no choice but to think you were right all along. He is the worst one. And then you see the second one.....This goes on for all eternity. And for all eternity they'll be screaming, fucking, dressing up, sitting in a jacuzzi, being thick and irritating the globe. This is in it's 10th series. If you ever write something for TV and it gets rejected please remember that.

I got about 25 minutes into it. Please don't watch it. There are way better TV shows on such as...oh. Well, I heard The Incredible Human Journey is good. And Arrested Development is still available on DVD.

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Insults said...

It is a prick crèche. Can't be doing with any of that business.