Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Michael Legge (Pretentio).

Actor and, in a way, comedian Michael Legge began his career back in 1971 when he used to get money from complete strangers by doing impressions of his mother. His furious mother then decided to send him to stage school and that put him off wanting to perform for the rest of his life. That said, Michael did attend a Shakespeare In The Park play last night and it may have somewhat influenced him and his blog.

Michael has received no formal training (1968 - date) in anything whatsoever but was very excited to meet an old acquaintance, Silas Carson, who performed last night in As You Like It (1599), a play about mistaken identity and people marrying their cousins. A real fucking departure for Shakespeare, the bald, dead cunt. The play was very good indeed and the meeting with Silas, although brief (11:31 - 11:34), was fun. Michael and Silas performed together in Eircell Mobile Phone Advert (1999) along with the comedian Paddy Lennox. It took place over an amusing three days in Ireland where, only at the end of the filming, Silas revealed that he was not Irish and had been faking the accent the whole time just to get the job. Fucking brilliant. Silas also revealed during those three days that he would be starring-ish in the then upcoming Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999). Michael felt that he had met his hero (he had yet to see the film, obviously) but the two never saw each other again after the shoot until last night (Yesterday).

Not only has Silas been in all three Star Wars awfuls but he has also been the voice of The Ood in three episodes of Doctor Who (1963 - date). Fucking hell. Silas fucking rules, doesn't he? During the brief meeting last night, even though the pair had not seen each other in 10 years, Silas said to Michael "I always knew you were a cunt". Not only did Silas use Michael's copyrighted catchphrase but it also means that, in a way, The Ood have called Michael a cunt. Michael feels dizzy.

Michael is confident that this part of his life will be made into a Danny Wallace-esque film entitled The Man Who Was Really Nice For A While starring Han Solo as Michael. He is looking forward to the scene, created just yesterday, where Michael goes into a local WH Smith to buy the current Doctor Who DVD, Delta and the Bannermen (1987), and when the shop assistant cheerily asks him how long the series has been going Michael overly-cheerily tells him. In detail. For ages. Holding up a queue and making the shop assistant sweat with embarrassment. Michael is childishly proud of himself.

Michael does not credit television.


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