Friday, 26 June 2009

Sham Off.

What a brilliant day for death yesterday was. Farrah Fawcet, Jeff Goldblum (although that turned out to be a hoax) and Michael Jackson, the singing man.

Personally, I think Farrah is the greatest loss. Charlie's Angels was a coming of age eye-opener for me and there will always be a tiny, tiny, really tiny part of me that owes a great deal to Farrah. But the news seems to be more fixated on Michael Jackson, the twirly dancer. I bet Jeff Glodblum is happy he's not dead after all. He'd never get a look in on the telly dying on the same day as a man who had a fairground and a monkey.

All hail Twitter. Twitter was the first to break the news last night, way before BBC and SKY. Sadly, some people on Twitter think that a comedian making a joke is unsuitable. I got a good few nasty comments wishing for my suicide because I made a joke about a man I, or they, had never met. "about the whole mj dancing with dead people - why don't you cut your wrists and find it out yourself : - P", said one angry fan of a middle of the road entertainer. Not that I could be offended by anyone who finishes a sentence by drawing a face but I'm pretty surprised that anyone who would follow a comedian would be offended by a joke. The great thing about Twitter last night was that our little community all came together, all shared the breaking news and then all shared jokes. No-one was saying "HA HA HA! Michael Jackson is dead", it was just a lot of very clever jokes (and some stupid ones from me) being shared. We were having a laugh. Strangely, not many people were tweeting tributes to the self-appointed King of Pop. Anyway, my favourite Tweet came from a charming chap who wrote "Comedians thinking that they can joke about this are completely wrong. Far far too early! You should be ashamed. And @michaellegge is a prick". Not even a face at the end....

He is wrong. Comedians can joke about anything at any time. It's up to you as to whether you're offended or not. Personally, I loved reading the funny comments last night. The best came from Richard Herring, Tiernan Douieb and some utter classics from Johnny Candon. Check their Tweets out.

I saw Michael Jackson in 1987. He was good. He sang and danced and cried. Just like he's supposed to. He did Wanna Be Starting Something and that made me happy because I really like that song. Can't really think of any others of his that are that amazing but the Off The Wall album is generally great. It was a good gig. I went there with my friend Dotes but we were more interested in seeing the support act (Kim Wilde) and getting off with two girls we met on a bus.

Anyway, if you stop reading this now and watch the news you might catch some report about the death of the man who sings and wears hats and has a funny face and is "friendly" to children.

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The song Bad was quite good.