Thursday, 26 August 2010

Dead Nice.

My last blog was rushed and I left an important point out. When I left the Joe Power show, after being asked to leave by the man who speaks to the dead, Danielle Ward left with me. Partly because he is a liar, mainly because he's so incredibly dull. Either way, she left with me. Like a real friend. Unlike the other shits I went with. Who would have thought that the cast of a musical could be so cowardly? Not only did Danielle leave but she told Joe that "this is bullshit". Although I don't agree with swearing, I agree with the sentiment. What a hopeless man Joe Power is.

But he's not alone. I too am neatly placed in the hopeless category. Since my last blog, sceptic organisations have emailed or Twittered to ask me to talk at their shows or write something for their website. Erm...I got thrown out of a show. That's basically the whole story. Really not too sure that I can stretch it any further. I'm against what Joe does. I think he's an embarrassing liar doing a completely legal con on very vulnerable people but to me that's so obvious that it's not that worth going on about too much (even though I really fucking have been). That said, when are the various sceptic organisations of Britain going to ask me to do a talk again? Maybe it's trick? Maybe they don't believe that I asked that 15 year old for his shoe on New Year's Eve? Maybe I'm being set up by these bastards? That's what they did to Joe. There he was innocently stealing money from people who felt a loss so deeply they are prepared to believe anything and they did this to him:

Think I should accept these kind invitations? Let me know. Very nice to have Richard Wiseman tweet about it too. I should get thrown out of more shows. No, seriously. I really should.

So on my day off from Gutted I got drunk and went home early. In bed by 1.30 is incredible by Edinburgh standards. Of course, I didn't go to sleep until nearer 5 because I had to watch a LOT of Joe Power of YouTube. Yeah, who's having the last laugh now? No. It's still me. If you haven't seen the Joe Power documentary made by Derren Brown then I urge you to watch it right now. A lot of fun.

But what did I do on my day off? It's Edinburgh at festival time so did I see a show? A play? A magician? A stand-up hour that completely ignores the subject it claims to be about? Nope. I went to see a young person's pop music band from the hit parade. Jim Bob and I went to see Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip.

No. I haven't heard of them either but, boy, they were great. Plus it was fantastic to see a rapper big up and give a shout out massive style-ee to Gutted. Well, what he actually said was "There's this musical, riiiiiiight, whiff Danielle Ward and Martin White and Jim Bob and it's called something beginning with G". To be fair, it's more publicity than the Assembly Rooms have given us so I'll take it.

More shows to plug: Tony Law at The Stand at 12.30 plus Dan Antopolski at The Pleasance Dome at 8. Both very inventive and funny shows. Tony constantly improvises himself in and out of holes for an hour while Dan just sets up his stand-up-doesn't-have-to-be-obvious-and-shit stall brilliantly. Plus he actually gives a shit about the audience. Very, very impressive.

Fuck. I meant to write about the Edinburgh Award. I'll do that next time. I am tired and a bit hungover. Help me.

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Mark Hancock (stalkerID:56713) said...

Michael, please tell us you're working on writing a book of some kind, based on your blog posts!

Rich said...

What could be better than hearing Michael Legge on a skeptical podcast? Nothing, that's what. It would probably be the greatest thing to ever happen, anywhere, ever! Please do it Michael and plug it on the blog so that we know when and where.

Manic Expressive said...

Sorry, I have nothing to add that Mark and Rich haven't said. Oh, I take that back, I will add that I have never heard of Mr. Power until now. By now, I meant the other day when you first blogged about him. Tonight, I will check him out on Youtube myself. I'm pretty sure I hate the guy, but I just want to double check.