Saturday, 24 October 2009

Turn That Frown Upside-Down.

Thankfully some gigs are good enough to drag you out of misery. well, a bit anyway.

I've been so fed up this week due to the fuck-up with the Sheffield Comedy Festival but a couple of great gigs have really cheered me up. The first was the excellent Funny Side of Covent Garden and the second was, believe it or not, the notoriously difficult Jongleurs in Portsmouth. I turned up to both gigs very grumpy and with the feeling of "Fuck them. If they don't like me they can suck the cunt I'm growing" which somehow seemed to work.

Funny Side had a pretty small audience who gave me all the room I wanted to be self-indulgent and, you know, enjoy myself. They seemed to like it too. Jongleurs didn't exactly rock but it was pretty much the same deal as Funny Side. I was given room and the audience went with it. Great fun. Must remember to do that more often, that "fun" thing.

Johnny Candon did a set at the Sheffield gig in place of the King of Everything one and it was nice to hear the audience shout "Fuck You, Michael Legge" down the phone to me from there. Think it's Johnny's endearing way of saying sorry. Bless.

This morning I took the four-hour train ride of misery to Hitchin to record the seventh Precious Little podcast. Every train I got on (there was four of them) got delayed or detoured or both. One just exploded. OK, it didn't but I wanted it to because it quickly became full of cuntingly dull, upsetting and loud football fans. Why anyone would go to watch a football match is baffling enough but why they would even consider spending time in the same building as these people and others like them is brain-fuckingly ridiculous. They kept singing a song very loudly that repeated the lyric "Donna's got a massive cunt" over and over again. What made it all the more charming is that Donna was one of them. I don't know what team they supported but I hope they lost and got shot dead at the end of their stupid game of footsy.

The podcast was....weird. It just hit a brick wall about 3/4 of the way through. Still enjoyed it though. I spend a lot of the time calling James a fruit.

Hmmmm....I'm staying in on a Saturday night. That's weird. Still, lots of work to do on the upcoming Los Quattros Cunts shows (now named Los Quattros Cvnts, very regrettably) on the 17th (with Richard Herring) and 18th (with Rich Fulcher) November at The Phoenix, Cavendish Square. They'll be fun. Don't miss them.


Kate said...

Hi, do you have any plans to gig in Liverpool in the near future? Really enjoying the podcast by the way! Thanks.

Michael Legge said...

Hello, Kate! Should be in Liverpool sometime early next year. Thanks for the kind words.