Thursday, 22 October 2009


Why the fuck would anyone NOT want the BNP to speak openly on Question Time? It's going to be hilarious. Nick Griffin, the stupid, fat, blinkered, evil cunt, will open his cum-pit of a mouth and spit out his thoughtless thoughts and his father's opinions and we can all have a great laugh at the big idiot man. Not only will we see that he's a massive moron but maybe, just maybe, some of the vegetables that voted for him with their clumsy, spidery "x"'s will have a moment of clarity and see him for what he really is.

It's what TV is made for. Laughing at the mentally ill. You don't mind it when it happens on X-Factor or Britain's Got Talent or Katy Brand's Big Ass Show so you shouldn't be so hypocritical. It's the reason we really wanted Jan Moir to respond to criticisms of her hate-piece in the Daily Mail, we wanted to see how stupid she was going to be while trying to worm her way out of being a ridiculous cunt. "It's all a a heavily orchestrated internet campaign". HILARIOUS!

I'm really looking forward to Question Time tonight. It's going to be very funny and horrible and ridiculous. Anyone who is against an ordinary, everyday fascist appearing in this programme is obviously prejudiced. Which is exactly what the BNP want you to be. By letting him on and laughing at him you have taken a firm stance against bigotry. Well done, you. Actually....just thought....The BBC won't pay this nutjob, will they?

I would write more but Jerk is currently face-first in my crotch. It's hard to rail against all the evils of this world when an animal is basically trying to blow you.


Gareth said...

i couldnt of put it better myself. i can't wait for the ignorant assbasket to open his spewhole.

Ross Eldridge said...

Hi there, Michael,

I watched Nick Griffin and didn't so much laugh as think how bloated in body and mind the man was ... and how awfully creepy.

Had to wonder if he has an honorary white robe and silly pointy hat from his KKK chums that he dresses up in on Halloween.

I'm glad the BBC invited Nick Griffin along, and that they sat him next to that American-born lady of colour from the British Museum. I could only think how wonderful it would be to spend an evening with her, and how ghastly to have to be stuck with Nick Griffin as a dinner guest. Griffin rattles on about British culture, but has absolutely none.

I'm really enjoying your blog, Michael. Discovered it recently.