Friday, 16 October 2009

Nice & Simple.

What a lovely day yesterday was. Well, it was.

I was on 6 Music's Roundtable show as a guest of Andrew Collins. I always wanted to be on a programme like this. Sitting around listening to new records and then giving my big stupid opinion on them. Lovely. The other guests were Jim Kerr from Simple Minds and Damian Harris aka The Midfield General and head of Skint Records, both of whom were fantastic company. Jim Kerr was great. He's funny, self-deprecating and a bit awkward when hearing a bit of praise. I told him how I still have my copy of In The City Of Light that he signed in Golden Discs, Belfast in 1987 (I got a written warning at work for sneaking off to that) and how he once saved me from getting my head kicked in. It's still on iPlayer if you really want to hear that story.

My opinion always seemed to be different to that of the two actual musicians in the room and that made me feel, well, like a twat. Nobody really completely honestly said what they thought, of course. Jim and Damian were polite because they are polite and I couldn't swear so the truth was kept hidden. For instance, I never once said that Florence + The Machine's new single is absolute fucking awful, cynical shit. I wanted to but I didn't. But I've said it now and feel a bit better. My favourite song of the bunch was by Passion Pit and it was also the winning record of the day. A fun show (don't know how it was to listen to but it was fun to do) and Damian, Andrew and I went for a couple of beers and talked about how nice Jim was. It was then I realised I was really late for my gig.

My gig was hosting The Hob's "Celebrity" Pub Quiz. I've written about it a few times in this blog and last night was just as good as it normally is. A total treat. Just trying to get a few laughs out of an "audience" who are talking amongst themselves and getting upset because they don't know the name of the one from Sugababes who just quit is a lot more fun than it should be.

Listen to all my positivity! I'm all lovely today because everything in the world is lovely. Let's all give each other a hug. I'm so happy that I'd gladly hug everyone in the entire world. Well, maybe not the drunk man who asked me to move out of his way at a bus stop just so he could piss on the spot where I was standing last night. I hate that cunt.

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