Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I'm really fucked off that we had to cancel the return of King of Everything this Saturday at the Sheffield Comedy Festival. I was really looking forward to it and it's gone balls up due to stupidity. Shame. If you had plans to go, then I'm very sorry (though it wasn't my fault) and I'm very grateful that you bought a ticket. The worse thing is that it was close to selling out thanks to lots of people on Twitter and Facebook buying tickets as well as the SCF being very supportive. It's a small venue but King of Everything aren't used to selling out. It would have been great. Arsebiscuits!

Yesterday's Precious Little podcast was a lot of fun. Despite another religious nutter shouting on the train on my way to Hitchin and me being in a shoutinghellpunch of a mood thanks to the Sheffield Comedy Festival disaster, I really enjoyed it. My favourite part was coming up with the worst joke I have ever heard ever. It is shit. But you can win ownership of it if you enter our competition. That's nice. James and I went for beer afterwards. This is now the third or fourth time we have socialised and are now acting like friends (don't worry, it's only acting). Pretty much every conversation James and I have ever had has been recorded. But now thanks to the few times we've socialised our unrecorded conversations might soon outweigh the recorded ones. I will try my best to make sure that never happens.

Is there a good side to the cancellation of King of Everything this week? NO! But it does mean that my weekend is now completely free. I intend to spend it like you normal people. Might go to see a film or a band or talk the whole way through a comedy show. I'm fed up today. Recommend something for me to do this weekend. Hurry up.


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