Monday, 26 April 2010

The Wrong Time.

What the fuck were the BBC thinking? I mean they have a long history of crapping all over Doctor Who. Pretty much since day one. But you'd think now that it is the BBC's most popular drama series they might just give it a bit of respect. Well, you're fucking wrong, aren't you? I'm used to the BBC doing their best to ruin my favourite TV programme. They don't give it a strictly regular time of transmission like, say, ever single other programme they make and they even make sure that we have to miss out on seeing it for one week every series so that nothing gets in the way of the incredibly important Eurovision Song Contest. The BBC clearly hate Doctor Who. But this new insult? Christ Almighty.

On Saturday night, just before the episode ended, right at the very cliffhanger, at the moment of suspense designed to keep us all excited until next week...the BBC put up a cartoon Graham Norton on the screen to remind us to watch Over The fucking Rainbow.

You stupid bastards.

I mean, for fuck's sake, Over The fucking Rainbow is the NEXT programme on. The actual programme itself would be on in 60 seconds time. Did they actually need to remind us of something that was literally about to happen? Or, you know, and I'm just saying, did they do it on purpose?

All I know is that it would NEVER happen during any sport on TV. Doctor Who? That's fine. We can shit all over that. It's just the best TV programme the BBC have but, hey, it's nowhere near as important or as religiously enlightening as golf. Go on, BBC. Where's your balls? I DARE you to advertise Over The fucking Rainbow in the middle of any sport you broadcast with my money.

Not that that will make up for their ridiculous mistake. It won't. The BBC have issued a half-hearted who-gives-a-shit apology for the cartoon Graham Norton and that's just not good enough. If they're really sorry for upsetting Doctor Who fans then they have to make amends. During the tedious World Cup, every time England are about to score a goal, the BBC must scroll a cartoon of Dale Winton screaming COO-EEE, SHUT YER FACE, SEEMS LIKE A NICE BOY across the screen. Then, maybe then, will I start getting a sense of humour about this trivial bit of nothing. But until then, I'm furious.

Apart from that, it was great. I love Matt Smith, me.


Milo Simpkin said...

What I think is important to ensure that people realise is that the apparent apology the BBC have released is not an apology.

They do not say that they are sorry for having done it and will not do it again they only apologise for the /timing/ of the placement.

We need to keep up the complaints until they realise that BBC viewers - not just 'Doctor Who fans' - won't stand for such crass disruption in shows.

@kendersrule said...

They're turning into a horrible americanised channel, as if dumbing down the news wasn't bad enough :(

Olliebean said...

Well essentially what they're saying is "Sorry for taking a big shit on your plate during the main course of your favourite meal. Next time we'll only shit in the starter or the pudding."