Friday, 1 January 2010

Tennant Evicted.

Back from Northern Ireland now and I'm sitting in my freezing cold house. As always, the heating broke down while I was on holiday. What the fuck is up with boilers? Even if I left a child alone in my house for a week I would expect more warmth when I got back. I'm sure a child would at least still be working when I got back. My stupid boiler takes it very seriously when I leave.

I got back yesterday and went straight to an excellent gig in Reading and then a champagne New Year's toast by the Thames. Bizarrely, I barely have a memory of last night. I think I got instantly drunk. I vaguely remember going to the pub and I sort of remember playing Rock Band later. I definitely don't remember killing anyone. I don't even know why you brought it up.

But when I woke this morning in my friends' Twickenham home I knew I would have to deal with my crap boiler. I was due to go to Margate to pick up Jerk and spend the night at my friend's house. This meant that I would have a lovely night but would miss David Tennant's farewell to Doctor Who. That would be weird if I had to wait a tiny bit longer to see that. I know that, you know that and my boiler knows that. The man from British Gas could only come to fix it tomorrow at 8 or in about a week's time. I couldn't stay cold for a week so Muki went to Margate to get Jerk and I stayed home with my broken boiler who hates it when I miss Doctor Who. I am 41.

It was great. A great episode with fantastic acting. David Tennant and John Simm were excellent but still second to Bernard Cribbins who just nails it every time. He should be the next Doctor. Or a daft, lovable Davros. Did I shed a tear during Tennant's last scene? No. No fucking way. Russell T. Davies, the cunt, would never let me COMPLETELY enjoy one of his episodes. He HAS to ruin it with his own massive, not particularly bright ego. If The Doctor had regenerated when he was exposed to the radiation then he would have done it in front of Wilf and it would have been emotional and we'd all have a big cry and it would be great. But Russell, the cunt, cannot let us have that because he has invented lots of characters that he thinks we give a flying fuck about despite them being terrible. The last ten minutes of The End of Time made me cringe until I swallowed my own face.

The Doctor travelled around to see lots of people that he has had past adventures with. REALLY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. Like Mickey (who is now really tediously conveniently married to Martha) and the big eared sailor from the crap Kylie episode. And, of course, Rose. Who he has now said goodbye to four fucking times. Christ Almighty.

He couldn't let US say goodbye to David Tennant. No, the fat cunt had to say goodbye himself to characters that he had already written out of his own series. The bar scene with Captain Jack is the worst thing to have ever happened in the history of mankind. It is a tragedy that could have been avoided and will live on in the memory of all who saw it forever. I'm sure we'll all remember where we were on 1/1 for the rest of our lives thanks to that horrible, despicable scene.

When I watch that episode again (and I will a lot) I will skip from the radiation scene straight to The Doctor stumbling back into the TARDIS. OR.....I will watch it as normal and do a lot of grumping.

I wasn't that keen on the last few Tennant stories. His performance seemed flat, like he was really bored. Plus he is EVERYWHERE. You can't open your eyes ever without seeing David Tennant. It's impossible. I'm glad to see the back of him and the great thing is that he regenerated back into Patrick Troughton, by the look of things.

Weird that I feel like I really miss him already. I don't want him to go.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear,

You really should stop watching Doctor Who if you can take no joy in it. Leave it to those of us who love the series. We used to see past the slightly rubbish alien costumes and now we see past some ropey writing.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

I think he's being funny. There are a lot of diverse audiences for Who and sometimes you just have to slide past the bits that aren't aimed at you. But other bits are strangely compelling, and that's just the way it is.

Roiben said...

One hopes your boiler got fixed... and told off for choosing such awful weather to break down in.

Captain Hemisphere said...

Personally I thought the 1st part of the TEOT was awful, horrifically over acted, and the 2nd part much much better. John Simm calmed down, and the timelord problem was conveniently dealt with. I didn't mind him saying good bye to the other characters, as Martha I loved, and it waqs good to catch up with captain Jack after the children of earth. Best of all was him saying goodbye to Jessica Stevenson , as that referred back to my favorite episodes. innit.