Monday, 21 September 2009

And In The End, Rejection.

Manchester turned out to be a very nice weekend indeed. The gigs were fine, I saw a deeply depressing film called Fish Tank and I hung out in a series of interesting bars.

My memory is sketchy but I'm sure I sang Girls Just Want To have Fun at a karaoke bar. You can imagine how dignified I must have looked during that. I knew I had to get up early the next day to catch my train so at least I was sensible enough to leave early-ish. Well, 1.30 anyway. Then I didn't get back to the flat until over an hour later mainly because I didn't know where I was staying and telling the driver that it was definitely number 19 something avenue was proving to be little help. I remember him being quite patient but with the face of someone who might kill me at any second if I don't stop saying the words "19 something avenue" over and over again.

I really recommend Fish Tank. It's utterly grim but that's what Britain does so well. Basically, it's a bit like Flashdance but if Flashdance was real and set in block of flats in London and instead of Irene Cara singing the theme tune they had cider and fighting. Bleak but brilliant.

The next day I was up early to get to Hitchin to record Precious Little podcast number two. Sadly, when I got to James' (Mum's) house I found that he was as knackered as I was. And I was hungover. And very smelly. And really loud. I must have been a treat to be around.

This time James and I discussed my new interactive "Is A Cunt" game, James' opinion of Dan Brown and the wonders of the homeless community. We also have a competition (sort of) that consists of voting for which theme tune you prefer for our podcast, Ian of The Re-Entrants frankly excellent theme tune or my talentless effort. At the time of writing we only had one vote. That was for me. Fuck you, Ian.

I'm really enjoying the podcasts and am looking forward to seeing how they'll change over the next few weeks. We obviously haven't found our feet yet but there's definitely some nice bits in there. Pretty much all our favourite podcasts are in there with us: Collings & Herrin (the childish, disgusting stuff), Phill & Phil's Perfect 10 (the ukulele and the fact that we just talk about us) and The Trap's Sodcast (everything else) but I'm not too worried about that just now. There's enough "us" in there already and we'll find more us over the next few podcasts. Either that or maybe everyone will stop doing podcasts and we can just nick all their stuff, which has always been the plan.

Not sure that my welcome to the world of the homeless is still valid. I said hello to Nick this morning. He said nothing. Sigh.....will I ever belong?

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