Monday, 23 February 2009

Avert Your Eyes.

Good fucking God. I don’t really have time for blogging today as King of Everything is making its (quite short) stage debut tomorrow night at The International Bar in Dublin, but I have just been sent a link that I feel I must share with you.

It was sent to me by a fine gentleman and much nicer person than me. He probably would not put the link on his blog in the hope that readers of his blog can share in its total and awful pointlessness. He would not want the people behind this link to think that his opinion of them was low. I, on the other hand, am compelled to do this. This might be the worst comedy I have ever seen. I got to 2 minutes and 22 seconds into the thing. Please try and do better than I did and let me know how you feel afterwards.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you….The Shop:


Dean Burnett, Neuroscientist said...

1 minute, 23 seconds. Then the dry heaves set in. And I used to handle corpses for a living. You're a stronger man than I Mr Legge.

cripesonfriday said...

I watched it all, I believed, back before I watched it, that nobody could make a comedy show without putting at least one funny line into it.The older me laughs at how naive I used to be.
I managed to get through it by searching Google to find out how old some of the magazines were on the rack.
The top right GQ is from June of 2005.

Liam said...

When the guy came in and asked for four candles I actually punched myself in the face

Mark said...

3 minutes and 42 seconds, but I lost a foot.

Mark said...

Oh, and I know what you're wondering - the answer's 'both'.

Michael Legge said...

You are all brave, brave people. I'm sorry for ruining your lives.