Friday, 13 February 2009

250,000,000 Interesting Things About Me.

RULES: Write down 250,000,000 things about you that are revealing, interesting, things you've never told anyone else and, above all, moronically pointless. Then print them out, climb a hill and shove them up your arse.

1. I am quite busy today (shut up, it's true) so these few words are my entire blog. Graham Linehan, creator of Father Ted and the equally brilliant The IT Crowd, sent me a link that he thought I'd like yesterday. I mean, he sent it to me and the other billion people that follow him on Twitter. Graham Linehan does not know I exist. That's my problem and I am dealing with it, in my own way. The link is excellent and it made me laugh a lot yesterday. Let me and my friend, Graham Linehan, now pass that link on to you for your enjoyment. You can thank us both when you see us together but NOT when you see us individually. It may take some time. Anyway, on behalf of me n' G (that's what we'll like to call each other when we're BFF's, probably), click here:

2. I've just had a package sent to my house. It's full of amazinging (that's a typo but I'm refusing to correct it because it looks good) CD's by The Cramps, Funkadelic, Big Star and Charles Bukowski along with a bunch of great compilations. This might get in the way of my hard work today. Thank you, Liz Buckley, for your kindness.

3. I'm going to start work now.

4. Seriously, can we all start stopping these stupid "Interesting Stuff About Me" things now?

5. Please?

6-250,000,000. Thank you.

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