Monday, 22 December 2008

Nob Gags.

I did my last gig before Christmas last night and it was one of the best gigs of the year. Nobby Kash runs a brand new gig in Alton and I was lucky enough to compere it, the audience were just about the most perfect comedy crowd you could want. Everyone did well and everything got big laughs. It felt like a reward for doing three weeks of Christmas gigs. I mainly improvised my way through the gig but I did do one bit of material about the time I was mugged by 11 year old children in Swindon. And that piece of material is the reason I woke up angry and embarrassed with myself. You see, Nobby is great but, and this is a horrible trait in anyone, he is very honest.

In fact, he's brutally honest. He could look at the Mona Lisa and say in his cheeky cockney voice "Nah. It looks like she's cock-eyed, Michaelangelo, you cunt". But that's what he's like. A straightforward, honest man who doesn't know who painted the Mona Lisa. He basically said that he hates that bit of material I had done at his gig. Then he told me why he hated it. This is not a good thing for a comedian to hear because most people who tell you what's wrong with your material after a gig are wrong. They're just wrong people. Changing my joke from "Shopping at Lidl" to "Blowing up a Mosque" isn't the same thing, I tell them. But Nobby had to be a cunt and be actually right. That bit has been performed about five times and I haven't worked on it a bit since the very first time I did it (Clockwork Comedy, November 6th 2007, LeggeFact Fans!). Nobby's point was that with changes it could get a bigger reaction from the audience. Well, FUCK YOU, Nobby. I hate audiences. And how dare he try to help me? Fuck this. I'm going to start re-writing that bit right now and I'll prove to him that no matter what work I do on it it's still going to be shit. Still, I did do some improvising that I was very happy with so, like Michael McIntyre, perhaps riffing happily and doing cack-handed written material is my forte. That's encouraging. Maybe my massive grin will be on a DVD cover next year. Or the year after.

I woke up early this morning. I'm glad I did because I would have missed a half-hour infommercial for Time Life's Greatest Rock Ballads CD collection. It felt like it would never end. But it did have this video of Lizzie Roper singing in Chicago. Enjoy:

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