Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Short Blog About Dan.

I saw Dan Antopolski on Sunday night and I think it might well have been one of the best performances by a comedian I've ever seen.

This blog will be a lot different from the last one. And most of the others. Dan hasn't got another screaming version of himself in his eyes when he's on stage. He's got the look of a man who has written a lot of truly great material and knows it and loves it. I've long been a big fan of Dan's but Sunday night's performance was just so perfect that I, not for the first time, have no choice but to question what the fuck I'm doing. He started off with a proper joke. You know? A joke. He didn't ask how people were or say how great it was to be here, he did a joke instead. It was as if he understood why he was there or something. There just wasn't any fat to his 30 minutes and, to rub it in further, it's all pretty new material. The fucking cunt.

I can't recommend Dan Antopolski enough right now. If you're going to see any comedy this week, check the listings and find out where he's performing. You won't be disappointed. Well, you might be but that will only PROVE that you're an idiot. You see, after Dan got off stage I turned into crawly bum-lick uber-fan and told him that he must just be on cloud 9 knowing that his material is just THAT GOOD. No. Not really. Because he said that it still doesn't quite work in some places. I was baffled. Well, I was baffled for about 4 seconds. I'm not saying that Dan is a genius but he is definitely a superb, intelligent, original comedian and that can land you in all sorts of trouble (I imagine) with audiences. If you're not laughing at how thick Northerners are or pointing at your cock or claiming that women are fat and gay for having periods or hating the French or being 40 and still saying the word "spaz" or declaring that vegetarians and homosexuals are the same thing and they're both shit then you're going to upset a certain type of audience. But then, that type of audience should be upset. We're living in a time when huge chunks of the nation are astonished by a woman who can carry a tune even though she isn't particularly pretty.It's not like she's a deformed circus freak, she just looks like a grown up Hamble from Play School. And it's not like looks and talent are in any way linked but, fuck facts, that's how a certain type of audience see it. So, of course he won't appeal to everyone if he insists on being good. It's like putting Zelig on instead of Ant & Dec's Saturday Landfill. I know it's better, you know it's better but them? Jesus Christ! The fact that Dan, and several comics like him, don't pander to that is wonderful to watch and like a clip round the ear to me. A clip round the ear I really, really need. Must. Try. Harder.


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