Saturday, 4 April 2009

Death Through a Lens.

I love The Inbetweeners. It's rare that I can even watch a comedy without seeing my own ghost walk out of the room but The Inbetweeners is very funny indeed. Greg Davies is excellent in it. The second series has just started and the first episode of that is just as good as anything in the excellent first series. There. I'm recommending a comedy that I like. The whole world has gone topsy-turvy. Up is Down. North is Grey, etc. It's very cleverly marketed too. It's marketed in a way that will make me hate it without seeing it. And I did. But then I watched an episode last year with my sweary Father-In-Law and loved it. Hey, maybe Gavin & Stacey IS good?

I'm afraid this blog will be very short today because something weird has just come on telly. As I write, Sky News are showing Jade Goody's funeral live on TV. The streets are lined with about 12 or 13 people looking at a hearse filled with flowers in the shape of words and a corpse. I assume at least one of those floral tributes is in the shape of "Sponsored by OK!". This is actually more disgusting then the OK! Jade's Nearly Dead Commemorative Magazine Special. She's not royalty. Why is her funeral on TV? I understand it's the money for the kids thing but I think those kids have a fair amount of cash now. What about leaving the kids with an iota of dignity? That might help them out in later life too. I have written sketch after sketch after sit-com after game show after comedy chat-show and I'm still not on TV. Jade is dead and she still gets a live three-hour special. I hope my agent is reading this.

You have less than an hour (at time of writing) to bid on Rex Boyd: so hurry. Remember all money raised does not go to charity. It all goes to me. My two children that I intend leaving behind will not get a penny, not even from the Sky Funeral channel. Bid now, Rexites!

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