Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Love Story.

David and Jude were introduced by mutual friends and they clicked instantly. Neither of them were looking for love but they couldn't deny the instant bond between them. David was good looking but thin and awkward. This had put potential dates off going out with David in the past but Jude found his physical awkwardness cute and, likewise, David liked her very pretty face and bad tattoos.

They didn't even play it nonchalantly. Instead of being cool about liking one another, they saw each other every day. The night they met, David walked her home and a few hours later he was back at Jude's front door offering her breakfast at a nearby cafe. And that was it. The entire world had completely changed because David and Jude had finally met and there was a spark of genuine joy somewhere in England. Friends were ignored and plans changed because why bother with anything else when you can sit beside the person who gives electricity to your bones and makes every second a page turner? What will happen next? Can it be as exciting as the last second? Of course, it always was. And there wasn't another sound around the pair or another living being or another trace of light. It was just them. Their eyes racing to gather up all the beauty of the person in front of them. And then they held hands. The most perfect moment in life. Holding the hand you want to hold and feeling every blood vessel rush up your arm and spin round your head and it had happened to David and Jude.

Why did they have to go to work? 8 and a half hours apart with only constant texts and photo messages to keep them sane until they were together again. Jude spent her lunch listening to David's terrible taste in music and smiling, while David took the bus from work with his head in one of Jude's self-help books. Then the agony was over and their hands could join again and their lips would touch and that warmth could return. So little talking, so much said.

Talking wasn't for now. Now was about the hand holding and the kissing and the going to the pub without David's mates and going to the cinema without Jude's no-one. Talking was for later. Night time. Lying in bed and telling stories about embarrassing holidays and terrible ex-workmates. Somehow all the awkward and tragic times of the past could be dealt with because Jude and David had David and Jude. It was like sadness had been deleted. David kissed Jude's stomach and his lips moved down to her thighs, Jude's fingers gripped his hair. Was there a time before David and Jude? No one could ever recall.

There was one night, at least one night, when David and Jude lay together and David was in the only place where he could be truly happy and Jude was in the safest, warmest place she could be. And one night, at least one night, David turned to Jude and said the most wonderful thing that a human being can say to a human being and Jude smiled and said the same thing back to David.

I have no idea if any of this happened for sure but David and Jude are real. I saw them on a train a few nights ago. David was shouting at Jude to shut up and saying she'd fucking changed while Jude shouted "You're a useless cunt, David" and threw chicken bones at him.

But something better must have happened before that.


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Mark from Northampton said...

Great post.

Michael Legge said...

Thanks, Mark!

Anonymous said...

atching up on some blogs because they don't have the internet at Christmas. This is spectacular. Will you come and read it at Flights of Fancy - my new fiction read-out-loud night? DFW x

Anonymous said...

A lovely tale

Anonymous said...

That is a spectacularly good blog.

Anonymous said...

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