Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Michael Says No.

You know what there's not enough of in this crazy mixed up world of ours? Sexy robot housemaids. But that is just one of the many things in life that I've come to tolerate. I hate not having a sexy robot housemaid but I tolerate it. I think that's one of the few good things about human beings, we can tolerate things. Of course, not all of us choose to tolerate the things we don't agree with and that can often be a problem. I mean, you don't HAVE to approve of gay marriage but you do HAVE to not go red in the neck screaming your condemnation of people who do approve of it. Gay marriage clearly isn't your thing but, that's OK because no one will ever ask you to gay marry them. All you have to do is straight accept it. Maybe you could start by not calling it gay marriage? Marriage is between two people. It doesn't really have a sexual orientation. I prefer to call it Human Legal Binding Hour but then I'm a romantic. Of course, I don't know a single person who is against Human Legal Binding Hour for anyone because I pretty much live in the tolerant world. We tolerate everything. And that's why I hate the world I live in.

How come we tolerate intolerance? I mean why do we just let people do whatever they want? It's one thing that we never say anything when people are playing loud music on the train, when we definitely should, but how come we put up with so much shit and do nothing? Sorry to bring up Northern Ireland again (I wasn't going to. This blog was supposed to be about a very adorable pub I've just discovered but then I saw something about tolerance on Facebook that pissed me off so now I'm all cross) but while I was there that whole flag protests thing made less and less sense. Like I said in a previous blog, if you want a flag to fly then you have every right to want that. You might not get it though and that's just something you need to accept. So many nights, I watched the news seeing people throw bricks in the name of patriotism and seeing political leaders talking of the outrage of not being allowed to truly show their love for their country. All the while Ian Duncan Smith threatens to cut pensioners benefits and Jeremy Hunt wants to close down much needed hospitals. That's happening in YOUR COUNTRY. Why are you tolerating that? Can't the flag wait until you've looked after the people first? And how come the police are tolerating being hit with bricks? Whatever happened to putting the boot down and running the cunts over? Has our tolerance of intolerance got so bad now that we think people have every right to throw a brick at us because it's their belief and beliefs should always be accepted and...blah blah blah blah blah. Solve the problem. PUT YOUR BOOT DOWN.

Why has the NRA got any power in America whatsoever? Why is Obama urging the gun lobby to accept gun regulations? Guns are bad and they kill and we shouldn't have them. Who cares what a bunch of evil pricks think? Their opinion should be zero. Fuck what they think. I HATE BEING TOLERANT. It's getting us nowhere. And why am I in a mood about it? Well...

I've been thinking about our tolerance of intolerance for a while but last night I found myself awake at 2.30am and looking at Facebook. I saw a friend's status update. I had no real problem with the update although I did think the wording of it was wrong. It basically questioned why athiests don't "chill out" and then compared them to the BNP. I don't think this was a particularly serious post, of course, but it was another dig at atheism. You know, that belief system that holds so much sway in the world? Coming back from NI, I'm probably more sensitive than some about religion and that will be why I found pretty much every religious or religion-friendly person who responded to the original post an idiot. You cannot compare atheism to any religion. There is no atheist controlled government banning religion, no atheists taking money from the gullible and (as far as I know) no atheist wars.

Basically, there were several posts pointing at the intolerance of atheists. Now, there were NO examples given but I think even if there were those examples could never cast much of a shadow on the intolerance of religion. Thousands of years of intolerance and yet people on Facebook get upset over a student being loud while reading Dawkins. Well, fuck religion. Faith might be a wonderful thing but religion clearly isn't. With the exception of Quakers, I can't think of a single religion that hasn't got something horrible or barbaric about it. The amount of tolerance religion is given is ridiculous and the amount of power it still has is nothing but destructive. It should have none whatsoever. Religion is a personal thing not a global thing.

Why are we supporting the baddies? Why are we even listening to the baddies? They wouldn't tolerate us. Hey, man, I just think it would be so easy to make a change and make this world a beautiful place to live in: PUT YOUR BOOT DOWN. But not on Quakers. They seem nice.

To be honest, I'm in a right mood today. At least I'm not so grumpy that I finished this blog with a Manic Street Preachers song. That's how much I tolerate you.


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