Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Sweet Death.

OK, fine. If it's a more positive blog you want then here it is.

Some things this week that I've enjoyed. Let's start with Mr. Humbug. Next time you go to Waterloo Train Station you must visit Mr. Humbug, a sweet shop with time travel abilities. I went there on Sunday and just seeing all those jars, dozens and dozens of jars, all filled with sweets I haven't had in years was just an emotional overload. The shop assistant, unlike any in Britain, was friendly and told me to take my time choosing what I wanted. Of course I had to take my time. I basically had a 100 jars filled with bits of my childhood right in front of me. I couldn't rush this. I chose Candy Peanuts, a sweetie that I'd forgotten even existed. I loved them as a kid and probably hadn't seen one in 30 years. And, as the shop is called Mr. Humbug, I went for Humbugs even though I fucking always hated humbugs. They're Grandparent sweets.

Well, I learned something about myself that day. Candy Peanuts are disgusting and Humbugs are incredibly delicious. I am old.

If I might recommend a podcast to you then please may I point you in the direction of the latest Doubling Up. In each of their podcasts they have a guest from the world of comedy such as Dave Piss or Charlie Sofa but this time they have a real scoop. Not only is their guest a true legend of comedy but he's also dead. If you can get a comedian who is globally famous and dead to agree to be on your podcast then you are definitely doing something right. Or something paranormal.

Nick Doody interviewed Bill Hicks in 1992 when Nick was only 19 years old. He was a child talking to a dead legend, or at least that how it seems when you listen to it. The thing is, Nick is surprisingly sharp and interesting. Not surprising because it's Nick but surprising because he's only a child. A wee little child. TALKING TO BILL FUCKING HICKS. My favourite part is when Hicks offers Nick a support slot at his gig in Oxford and Nick turns him down because he is busy. Like a twat.

It's such a fantastic interview. Listening to Nick making Bill Hicks laugh is pretty much as perfect as it gets. Of course, I couldn't completely revel in the joy. I was busy thinking how many people Bill Hicks influenced to get into comedy and are now working on Balls of Steel. There must be a few.

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