Friday, 21 November 2008

Carnivorous Plant.

Yesterday I may have mentioned in passing that I thought the heckler in BrendAn Burns' viral plug for his new DVD, So I Suppose This Is What Is Thought Of As Offensive Now?, was a plant. I didn't KNOW she was a plant but a couple of things gave it away that she might be. One was her very modern sort of Anti-Acting, barring holding a sign with a picture of a bonsai tree on it she couldn't have given a more convincing performance of Plant Who Was Paid To Sit There And Look Stupid. Also, the fact that she left all on her own seemed very suspicious. I know anytime I'm with people who walk out of BrendAn's shows I always leave with them. Sometimes I even instigate it. But the main thing that gave it away that this person was in fact not a paying punter but a paid plant was the fact that she wrote to another comedian and told him.

I had never heard of Sajeela Kershi before yesterday but, hilariously, she seems furious at me for pointing out something that BrendAn Burns did. Not that I say anything controversial (it's pretty much all me and BrendAn have in common) but I find it extraordinary that the only real complaints I've had about my blog is when I make fun of comedians. Since when has making a joke while pointing out other people wrongs been something that a comedian shouldn't do? And it basically seems like these morons that take offence don't just like certain comedians, they ADORE them. Oh, you CAN'T say that about Stanhope, he's the saviour of mankind! How dare you "attack" Burnsy! He's won an award sponsored by a mortgage company! FUCK OFF. These people are just people. How fucking creepy to raise them any higher. They tell jokes. Well, whoop-di-fucking-do. If only Gandhi had gone around screaming GITFACKED into people's faces then maybe there wouldn't have been all that discrimination in the first place. But no. That bald prick had to go and create social change to make him a greatly honoured figure. What a twat. Sajeela just seemed upset that it was another comedian who pointed out who she really was, thus ruining some other gag later on in BrendAn's show (I presume). But, surely, the only proof that she really was a plant came from her replying to this comedian at length about how he has ruined this show for others. The person who has openly given away the ending is Sajeela. Thanks a lot, Sarjeela! I hope you're proud of yourself. All those fans of BrendAn's that go on YouTube to laugh at how you were made to look like a fucking idiot will have NOTHING TO BELIEVE IN now thanks to your and your thoughtlessness. I hate you and so does BrendAn.

Whether something later on in the show has been "ruined" or not, I think it's fair to say that the viral clip sent out by Universal is pretty deceitful not to mention hugely egotistical. The clip stands alone as an example of BrendAn's stand-up and it shows a woman being offended, BrendAn putting her down and the woman leaving in disgust. That is it. That's all we have to go on. It's now been revealed by Sajeela herself that the woman in the viral clip was a plant, therefore making the clip, as a stand alone piece, pointless, arrogant and embarrassing. I don't know if this was BrendAn's idea and I certainly would like to think it wasn't. I've never seen his hour long shows but have only heard good things about them. I've had many happy times with BrendAn, although after one night in Oxford when he screamed at me and Otis Canneloni to show him our "dark", I went off him. That was just too insane and arrogant. BrendAn then went on stage and spent 10 minutes making fun of a man's spikey hair. Very controversial. He's a comedian doing his job and he is very much loved for it. That is great. That still doesn't mean I can't make fun of him.

By the way, Sajeela didn't just write to the comedian who revealed her name. She wrote to me too. It was just one line; "Is there no honour among comics?" Of course there is. Although it seems that if you want an audience member to get offended for your DVD you have to pay them and even then they squeal.

This blog has actually depressed me. I've rambled, not written what I wanted to and I've repeated myself. Maybe I should pay someone to write my blog for me from now on. I really wanted to write about The Dead Val Kilmers, Jeremy Limb and Chas Early's band. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Jeremy Limb is hilarious. If you're going to leave a comment please just let it be something nice about Jeremy. That will make it a lot nicer round here.

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holtondavid6 said...

Excellent - i cannot attack BB without all the trolls coming out of the woodwork and giving me grief.They have obviosuly noted it down years ago that I am Burns hater and soon as you post on Chortle BAM there they are. Thank you for flagging up what an arsehole he is . I have been watching comedy in London since 1979 (am 48 now) and there are not many comedians I hate. I ran three clubs near Tunbridge Wells and met many many comedians and as a tribe I love them . I know I have good taste in comedy and I know he is a hateful unfunny bastard Dai