Sunday, 18 May 2008

My First Time.


This is my first blog on but not my first blog ever in the world ever. I normally (or at least, I used to) blog at but I decided, as I was getting back to blogging, I might post my little tiny thoughts here too. I only decided to join up here because I thought Dean Ween blogged here. It turns out that he doesn't. I think Howard Read and Jamie Mathieson do though so that's nice. Anyhoo, here's the last couple of blogs I posted at for your consideration. Hope to have more very soon. Bye bye!


posted at on 12th May 2008

Hello, dears.

I just looked through a few of my past blogs. I thought they were alright. Think I should start blogging again? Maybe I will. Actually, I've got a great TRUE story of how I once ended up with Madonna's pubes in my mouth. that's not a lie. It's true. and, yes, it was THE Madonna. (But not THEE Madonna, as Jesus would bollock my face in). So next time I blog I'll probably blog about that.

Anyways, before I blog properly please check out this blog
It contains very important information that you'll need to know. Hope to see ABSOLUTELY all of you on wednesday.

Love, Michael D. Legge, esq.

PS. what happened to the "What I'm Listening To" feature? I liked that.


posted at on 17th May 2008

Whoo-hoo! We had 8 whole days of sunshine IN A ROW! And now it's back to dear old British slate-grey cloud again. Some of you will, of course, be deeply dissappointed to see that the sun has taken his hat off but not me. Being a ginger, the sun doesn't always agree with me. In fact, it constantly disagrees with me. I really liked Iron Man, the sun HATED it. Stupid sun.

When you are a ginger haired person you have to be very careful weather-wise. I normally get sunburned from the moon so I always wear factor 785 which is a blend of aloe vera and a big coat. Luckily, I'm a secret ginger. You wouldn't really know that I was ginger at all unless you drew the short straw and saw me naked. My hair might not be that red but downstairs...? Well, my testicles look like a very pretty Mick Hucknall, that's all I'm saying, guv, blimey.

Hmmm...that story was mainly about my pubes and not Madonna's pubes AGAIN. Promise to tell you all about me and Madonna's pubes next time. Until next time. Good days.

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