Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Just remembered that two parts of The Clock Hour will be staged at THE BRANDI BORR COMEDY BASH this coming Monday 2nd June at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Myself and Jeremy from The Real Daniel Show will be on with STEVE MERCHANT, ADAM BLOOM, WE ARE KLANG, SARAH KENDALL, WILL SMITH, MATT KIRSHEN and lots more. I'll probably be compering, too. It's going to be a pretty damn fine event with special guests and weird stuff happening plus all the profits go to BREAST CANCER HAVEN, a very worth-while charity. You can get tickets here but be quick:

Also, I'm too scared to go to see Indiana Jones. Is it really as bad as everyone says? Has Lucas Jar-Jarred us again? THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Oh, we have some previews coming up of THE CLOCK HOUR. I'll get the dates in the next few days.

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